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Information, Tickets & Travel (ITT) Offices

The FSS ITT Offices work together to provide the JBMDL community with discounted tickets for amusement parks and events like Disney on Ice, sporting and special events throughout the year along with regularly scheduled trips to points of interest, Broadway show trips, maps, brochures, and travel information. Let us help you plan your next outing or adventure to make it convenient and affordable. FSS ITT programs and services are open to all eligible ID holders. Stop in and let our staff help you take advantage of all the services we have to offer for those who want to get out and have some fun.

2022 Military Freedom Pass

Universal Orlando

2 Park Military Freedom Pass (Adult) 2022 - $200
2 Park Military Freedom Pass (Child) 2022 - $195
3 Park Military Freedom Pass (Adult) 2022 - $235
3 Park Military Freedom Pass (Child) 2022 - $230

Adult Tickets ages 10 and above / Child Tickets ages 3 - 9

2-Park “2022 Military Freedom Pass” Promotional Ticket: Unlimited access every day from January 1, 2022 through and including December 31, 2022 (Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure)

3-Park “2022 Military Freedom Pass” Promotional Ticket: Unlimited access every day from March 1, 2022 through and including December 31, 2022 (Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay)
*** Qualified to purchase these special promotion tickets: Active or Retired U.S. Military, National Guard, Reservists, U.S. Coast Guard, Spouse of Eligible Service Members, DoD Civilians with valid ID and 100% Disabled Veterans ***

Ticket usage is valid through December 31, 2022

No Blackout dates apply

Strict Limit of 6

Special Offer

Tickets Offered

FSS Information, Tickets, and Travel (ITT) Offices offers a wide variety of discounted tickets to various locations all across the United States.

Vet Tix

Vet Tix is an organization that focuses on the distribution of FREE event tickets to our Military members, Veterans, and even family members of troops Killed In Action (K.I.A.). To date, a total of 2,708,958 tickets have been given away and they are still counting!

Events that you can plan on seeing include sporting events, concerts, performing arts and other family activities!

To Vet Tix, giving a free ticket to these events not only reduces stress throughout the military community but also helps create life-long memories and encourages service members to stay engaged with American life and local communities.

This Veteran Tickets Foundation doesn’t stop at giving away free tickets, they also take part in what they call “Hero’s Wish”. “Hero’s Wish” allows families of those killed in action, members who are deployed and/or wounded to request specific tickets for any single event. Through donations, they try to make their wishes come true. This is an organization that can’t be missed!

American Forces Travel site

Exclusive Savings & Benefits!

The DoD online leisure travel booking site offers a deeply discounted rate only for U.S. military-affiliated personnel.

Book your next flights, car rentals, hotel, cruises, and destination travel with American Forces Travel!

Eligible Patrons

  • All current active-duty military personnel (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy)
  • All members of the Reserve components and National Guard
  • All retired military personnel, including those in the Reserves and National Guard who are retirement eligible
  • All Medal of Honor recipients
  • All Department of Defense civilians
  • Employees with current Navy Exchange privileges
  • All eligible family members who are officially sponsored (ID card holder) by patrons in the above categories

For more info, contact our FSS ITT staff, please.

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Information, Tickets, & Travel

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